Fox Head

Pear Comics:

Hey Fox

Fox's original comic. "Where it all started." A long running work in progress slice-of-life.

Hey Kitty

Writing by Fox and Anne with art by Shen, an adventure comic about anthroids, crime fighting, and where we fit in society...


A pirate fantasy comic by Shen with catgirls, werewolves, pro wrestlers, zombies and more!

Rex Rangers

An adventure comic by Sabu about cowboys and dinosaurs!

Friends of Pear:

Hey Fox

Need help with budgeting? BE Budget Explorers, by Anne, provides a safe space for you to explore your core beliefs about money, discover your power, and implement an action plan in order to bring your dreams into reality..

Hey Fox

A video series. You know the story: One guy, multiple girls, romantic hijinks, LOTS of fanservice, and somewhere in there is a plot that may or may not matter.

Hey Fox

Jon Hakes here. I'm a fiction writer. Much of my work could be considered speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc., etc.), but I also write satire, literary fiction, fake non-fiction, and whatever else seems interesting at any given point in time.