Hello from all of us over here at Hey Kitty, dear fans, friends, family, and otherwise fantastic people!

We’ve got some exciting news to share, but of course, we’ve got to give you a bit of an origin story recap first:

It’s been nearly two years since Hey Kitty began to take shape as it’s own separate superhero spin-off from Hey Fox. From the beginning, you’ve all been so supportive. (We love seeing how much you care for Kitty and want the best for her!)

As Hey Kitty developed, another idea blossomed: Pear Comics, a company supporting a collective of creators and makers, who in turn support each other and new creators. Initially, Pear was going to be all about supporting webcomics and their creators, but as we’ve been working with artists, we’ve realized, we’ll be growing to include all sorts of creative endeavors in the future.

This brings us to the present-day adventure we’re so excited to tell you about:

In January, we’ll be launching Hey Kitty’s Patreon campaign, which, in addition to the obvious benefits of supporting the continued creation and growth of the comic, will also be an opportunity to share a bunch of bonus features with all of you folks.

We’ll be releasing more details as it gets closer, but for now, we just wanted you to be among the first to know, so that as soon as it launches you can fund or follow for those nifty bonus features, which will include things like works-in-progress, early access to comic pages, exclusive chat channels with us and fellow fans, and other new, shiny things as funding allows.

If you’re interested in receiving updates about Hey Kitty and/or letting us know that you’ll be considering supporting the upcoming Patreon, please complete this survey.

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Please also follow our blog here on Pear, as well as our Facebook page, for the latest Pear news, and share, like, and invite your friends.

(You may not know this, but every time an HK comic page is liked or commented on, an anthroid gains its sentience. Yeah. True story.)

Thanks for all the love, guys! We love you, too!
Fox, Shen, and Anne